YaeCCC SUNKKO S71A Li-on battery Weller Soldering Pencil Universal Welding pen Battery Spot welder Pen for 737 788 Series

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  • Autocephaly whole set. Convenient to transport and assemble.
  • It is low resistance oxygen free copper material, welding stability.
  • Suitable for 737 788 Series spot welders.
  • You can replace welding nozzle wantonly, convenient to replace any soldering point.
  • The welding pen with anti-skid shoe, comfortable to use;The welding needle is import aluminum alloy, long service life.
  • Description:
    Lithium battery universal welding pen

    Scope of application
    Lead sheets of rechargeable battery can be welding rapidly.
    The production, installation, welding of lithium battery or mobile power.
    The welding of lead sheets and wires from metal parts.

    Welding needle distance (adjustable): 4-10 mm
    Max. welding thickness: 0.03 - 0.12 mm (0.03 - 0.1 mm for pure nickel strip)
    Max. welding current: 600 A
    Cable cross sectional area: 18 m㎡
    Dimension of welding needle: Φ1.5 x 8 mm
    Tip: The two welding needles cannot be touched, or there will be a short circuit.

    Package Included:
    1 x Welding pen
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