Anti Pollution Filter Mask Mask Military Grade N99 Breathing Mask with Adjustable Nose Piece Washable Respirator Air Filter Mask Black Face Mask Allergy Pollen Protection

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  • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE - The quality and durability of our breathing mask allows for consistent reuse ultimately saving you money in the long run. This nose mask gives our customers protection from allergies, dust, mold, chemicals and pollution.
  • AIRSOFT AND OUTDOOR SPORTS - The face protection offered by this air soft face mask makes it the perfect choice for any looking for some protection. It also works great for cycling or running when you are looking to filter the air!
  • SIZING GUARANTEE - Our pollution filter mask is set to fit all sizes. If the mask does not fit you PERFECTLY you can send it back at any time with in the first 30 days FOR A FULL REFUND.
  • SEALABLE CARRY BAG - Breath Easy's sealable bag allows for simple and clean transportation of the mask while not in use. Then ensures that the filters in this breathing mask stay in tact and clean to protect you from dust, pollution and chemicals.
  • POLLUTION PROTECTION - With the ever increasing pollution levels people have been experiencing many harmful symptoms from the harmful toxins. With our N99 filter this pollution mask will ensure our customers can breathe easy knowing the these harmful pollutants are being filtered out.
  • How our masks work:
    With built-in N99 filters in our black face mask we prevent our customers from breathing in harmful chemicals, allergens or dust particles. The N99 filters blocks out 99% of particulate matter from the air making it an extremely effective pollution mask.


    ✓Airsoft Mask

    ✓ Smoke Mask

    ✓ Smog Mask

    ✓ Pollution Mask

    ✓ Fog Mask

    ✓ Mask For Odor

    ✓ Filtered Air Mask

    ✓Dust Protection
    ✓Allergy Relief
    ✓ Flu And Sickness Protection
    ✓Chemical Protection

    Why we made this mask:
    We at breath easy noticed that there was a distinct lack of quality and comfort in the traditional pollution mask. Nearly all our competitor's products are cheap and disposable and quite frankly do not get the job done. We aimed to create a superior product that allowed our consumer to wear our product not only for long periods of time but for multiple uses. The increased quality of product allows our users to not have to worry about using a new disposable face mask everyday as ours are built to last. Yes, our price point is slightly higher than the majority of our competitors but this is for good reason. When purchasing a mask to protect yourself from allergies, toxins, paint fumes, or chemicals you are going to want high quality.
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