Klutch 200DV Dual-Voltage Inverter-Powered Multi-Process Welder with Spool Gun — 120V/230V

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  • Inverter technology requires 25% less input power and delivers consistent power output
  • 50% lighter transformer (when compared to conventional welders) makes this welder easy to transport
  • Performs MIG and Flux Core Welding 30-140 Amps (120V) and 30-220 Amps (230V); TIG Welding up to 175 Amps; Stick Welding up to 175 Amps
  • Consistent output delivers very strong welds
  • Welds up to 3/16in. thick metals with 120V; up to 3/8in. thick with 230V
  • This Klutch® 200DV Dual-Voltage Inverter-Powered Multi-Process Welder with Spool Gun features a process selector switch and infinite voltage control dials for exceptional versatility. The efficient inverter-powered system is super lightweight, up to 50% lighter, and requires up to 25% less input power, than traditionally powered welders. Includes 10ft. electrode cable/clamp, 10ft. ground cable and clamp, dual-gauge regulator, gas hose, flux core nozzle, (2) 0.030in. contact tips, 6.5ft.L 230V power cable, and 2ft.L 120V pigtail. This unit is intended to be used on a 50 amp 230V AC circuit or 120V, 25A AC circuit, without the use of an extension cord.
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