2-Pack Nerf Face Mask / Goggles / Eye Shield ( 1 red mask, 1 blue mask)

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  • EYE PROTECTION WITHOUT ANY FOG: Utilizing slits for air flow and open-cell foam liners, our goggles provide wraparound eye protection without the fog present with full face plastic screens or exposed area present with safety glasses
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The mask is designed with solidly built and it is adjustable.
  • MADE TO FIT: We understand that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes these goggles are designed to be adjustable and able to fit everybody, from small children to large adults
  • CAN BE USED FOR MORE THEN JUST PLAY: since these goggles are designed with the highest quality, they're able to be used for multiple things, such as motorcycle protective goggles, and four wheeling.
  • Ideal for those looking for face masks to use for foam gun and blaster play from the name brand manufacturer (red and blue team). Compatible across all foam gun and blaster lines.
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