Sunkko 709A 110V 2 in 1 1.9kw Pulse Spot Welder Battery Welding Soldering Machine 60A

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  • The removable footswitches can satisfy the reqirement of welding position or sophisticated technology.
  • Possess welding current rapid regulator, selecting the current will become quick and efficient.
  • Cooperating with slide, fast welding can come true; Support spot welding of negative and positive terminal simultaneously.
  • Fixed spot-welding head and mobile spot-welding pen are combined together in one machine,so that the welding will become flexible.
  • Original two magnetic suction stationary positioning fixture;Accurate positioning function of nickel strip.
  • Soldering iron part
    Temperature :150°C ~ 450°C
    Power:50 W
    Output Voltage :20 V DC

    Spot-welder part
    Supply Voltage AC 110 V
    Power: 1.9 KW (Instantaneous)
    Current: 500 A
    Electric leakage Switch Requirement 60 A or more than 60 A

    Time of Double Pulse
    (Instantaneous Welding Time) 1 ~ 10 ms (adjustable, by adjusting the welding current knob)

    Time of Four Pulses (Instantaneous Welding Time) 2 ~ 20 ms (adjustable)

    Time of Eight Pulses

    (Instantaneous Welding Time): 8 ~ 80 ms (adjustable)
    Welding Pin Range: 5 - 6 mm
    Welding Pressure: 300 - 500 g
    Welding Distance: Adjustable
    Suitable Welding Thickness: 0.03 - 0.3 mm for Fixed Copper Head 0.03 - 0.2 mm for Mobile Welding Pen
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