SUNKKO S788H-USB Preciston Pulse Spot Welder +CC-CV Charge+Power Bank Test

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  • 788H-USB is based on 788H to design the battery point welding machine for the mobile power in assembling and producing.
  • It's measuring and checking included battery charge, charging current value and circuit board with charging protection function in mobile power.
  • 788H-USB can be used in the battery of mobile phone and tablet computer after repairing for charging test and aging test.
  • 788H-USB contains 3 standard 5-volt USB outlets and the largest output electric current is 3A.
  • It is suitable for mobile phone and tablet computer and mobile power which is with 2~3A quick charging function.
  • Specification:
    Model: 788H-USB
    Power Supply: AC 110 V, 60 Hz
    Primary Current: 2 - 15 A
    Welding Current :50 - 800 A (The corresponding pulse time: 1 ms - 19 ms)
    Charging Voltage: 4.2 - 36 V (Adjustable)
    Charging Current :0 - 3 A (Adjustable)
    Applicable Welding Thickness: 0.1 - 0.2 mm; For pure nickel strip: 0.1 - 0.15 mm
    Electric leakage Switch Requirement :60 A or more than 60 A
    Weight: 4.3 kg
    Dimensions: 140 x 245 x 200 mm

    -This spot welder is contains preciston pulse spot welder , lthium battery test and charge three in one;
    -Micro-computer control up to level 199(99*1;99*2),precision parameter setting;
    -There have one or two pulse to choose to faster welding;
    -It have two current setting to fast set welding current.The maximum up to 16 pulse.Suit for welding thicker material.
    -The charging part has 4.2V-36V to continuously regulated,it satisfied for most single and assembled battery to charging and testing.
    -That have 3 microUSB,special for power bank„ÄĀtablets and smartphones charge.
    -The welder have pedal welding trigger switch system,improve the accuracy and quality of welding;
    -Unique professional welding pressure adjuster,that's convenient to weld different work piece;
    -High precision 4 bit +3 bit voltage current indicator.

    Package included:
    1. 788H-USB Spot Welder *1
    2. Fuse (20 A)* 2
    3. Foot Switch* 1
    4. Battery Clamp *1
    5. Welding Rod* 2 pairs
    6. Spanner* 1
    7. Power Cable* 1
    8. 30 pcs 0.1 x 4 x 100 mm nickel plated strips
    30 pcs 0.15 x 5 x 100 mm nickel plated strips
    30 pcs 0.2 x 5 x 100 mm nickel plated strips
    30 pcs 0.15 x 8 x 100 mm pure nickel strips
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