SUNKKO 709AD 15KVA High Power Battery Spot Welder & Soldering Station

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  • 709AD is an upgraded version of the 709A model,SUNKKO to "customer first" as the guiding ideology,Fully consider the user's industrial product -ion batch welding requirements.
  • The machine in high-power high-pul -se, pulse control, pulse Red logarithmic display, energy output display, the overall thermal design, more sophisticated mobile welding pen six aspectsDo upgrade innovation.
  • Precision temperature controller, a wide temperature range, suitable for all kinds of plastic copper wire, tin and other materials, welding processing.
  • Humanized welding needle lighting LED, construction work bright, suitable for any brightness environment.
  • Spot Welder:
    -Power Support:AC 110V ± 20V.
    -Welding Current:50-750A.
    -4 Pulse Time:1 ms - 10 ms(Adust).
    -6 Pulse Time:2 ms - 20 ms(Adust).
    -8 Pulse Time:8 ms - 80 ms(Adust).

    Solder Station:
    -Temperature:150 ℃ - 450 ℃.
    -Constant Temperature Accuracy: ± 5 ℃.
    -Output Voltage:20V DC.
    -Power: 50W.
    -Heating up time: 6-8s to 300 ℃.

    -Microcomputer chip control precision pulse management and welding energy management, improve welding consistency.
    -Three-in-one design, whether it is pulse point or welding, the machine can fully consider the electronic manufacturing process.
    -Fixed spot welding and mobile spot welding dual mode function to adapt to small parts welding.
    -2 ~ 16 pairs of discharge pulse energy selection, welding a wide range,more suitable for welding, welding materials, a wider range.
    -Equipped with professional precision balance from the pressure of the mobile welding pen, easy to master, anytime, anywhere can be welded, any point.
    -Foot line control trigger discharge, accurate positioning without manual trigger difficult.
    -Quickly adjust the discharge pulse current knob design, user-friendly to change the pulse current.
    -Dual-bit LED display, spot welding pulse monitoring, crystal clear.
    -White T12 anti-static high temperature thermostat welding pen, ultra-fast constant temperature, longer life.

    Note:The copper head can weld 0.35mm(max);The spot welder pen can welder 0.2mm(max).
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