200 Amp Inverter Multi-Process Welder with Dual Voltage

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  • Mig, stick or tig weld all from a single compact, space-saving unit. Welding amperage range: 15-200a
  • Welding material: Carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal. 30% at 200 amp rated duty cycle
  • Mig welding wire diameter: 0.024/0.031/0.039, welding thickness: 19ga- 0.197 in, tig tungsten needle diameter: 0.063 0.094, welding thickness: 25ga- 1/4 in, mma electrode dia: 0.063-0.157 acid electrode, alkaline electrode
  • Optional dual digital display easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time
  • Vrd high temp and overload protection with indication. With arc force and blow back features
  • Mig200gdsv 3-in-1 multi-process dual-voltage synergic welder is designed for for hardware, decoration, car modification, equipment and factory maintenance. The igbt inverter technology provides high power in a light, compact unit ( 30 lbs). This units are capable of performing mig, lift tig and stick welding equally well at maximum 200 amp output. There's not much this unit can't do. With optional dual digital display easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time2t/4t modes, spool gun capability, and advanced dc lift tig features, this multi-process welder truly handles about any chore, including aluminum when used with the optional spool gun in the mig mode. Package includes: 1. Mig torch: 10 ft.Trafimetergorlus15, 2. Tig torch: 13 ft. Trafimetwp-17v, 3. Electrode holder: 5awgx10 ft. Cable35-50 quick connector200a electrode holder, 4. Earth clamp: 5awgx10 ft. Cable35-50 quick connector300a earth clamp, 5. Gas hose: 55, 6. Face mask components: Sb-17, brush hammer, 7. Power adapter.
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