AMSTON Tinted Safety Goggles - Meets ANSI Z87+ Standards, Personal Protective Equipment for Indoor & Outdoor Use In Construction, DIY, Laboratories (Tinted) …

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  • MEETS OSHA / ANSI Z87.1 STANDARDS for best protection during work on the construction job site, in the yard at home, or in the industrial, science, or chemistry lab.
  • "ALL DAY SOFT" COMFORT - Fits and adjusts to the contours of your face. You may need a cup of coffee to keep you from falling asleep while wearing these ultra-soft goggles.
  • WIDE BAND, EASILY ADJUSTABLE HEAD STRAP - Holds goggles in perfectly and comfortably in place while working. Can be worn with other protective equipment including dust mask, helmet or hard hat, and ear muffs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & LATEX-FREE and provides wraparound full-view chemical splash, mold, debris, sand and dust protection for eyes. TINTED LENS keeps out glare and has scratch-resistant coatings.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE PROTECTION with 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. BUYING IN BULK FOR A SCHOOL OR BUSINESS? Check out our Amazon Business Buyers special pricing.
  • The Amston CPG84 Safety Goggles the professional choice when you need to protect your eyes from dust, debris, splatters, impacts, sawdust and anything else that you don't want getting into your eyes. If you are working overhead, glasses just don't cut it- you need Amston Goggles. The polycarbonate lens is made to meet ANSI Z87 standards. The goggles have a comfortable, flexible seal and an easily adjustable fabric headstrap.
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