ARC Welder ARC160A Stick Welding Machine Digital Inverter Welder 220V DC Lift TIG Portable Welding Machine

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  • 220- 240V / 60Hz Input current at rated output 20 Amp
  • Digital control : MMA Stick / Lift TIG / VRD
  • 160 Amp / 23V / 60% Duty Cycle for 3.2 , 4.0 and 5.0mm Rods
  • Electrode holder and earth clamp each 5.5 ft. cable
  • Weight: 4.3kg /9.5lb Pakcing Size: 317*136*268mm
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    MMA/Lift ARC160 digital Welder Full Digital Control ARC welder

    ● Smart design with full digital control
    ● New 3D style plastic panel
    ● New constant power control
    ● Multi-Process: MMA/Lift ARC
    ● VRD Swith
    ● Inside hot start, arc force, anti-stick
    ● Input voltage input:220-240V 1 Phase
    ● All round protection: over-heating protection; over-current protection; over/under voltage protection
    ● Lower power consumption for energy saving
    ● Small size, more portable
    Structural Rabrication
    Can be used for hardware,fence, windows, metal sheet welding
    Model: ARC160
    Processes: Digital MMA, LIGT TIG
    Input Voltage: 220-240V 1 Phase
    Output Current Range: 10-160A
    Duty Cycle: 40%@160A; 100%@101A
    OCV: 65V
    Net Weight: 4.3kg/9.46lb
    Pakcing Size: 317*136*268mm
    200A earth clamp + earth cable 16mm2
    200A electrode holder + earth cable 16mm2
    ● Fridendly Control Panel
    LED display, abnormal indicator, VRD/Lift TIG/MMA working status indicator
    ● Hot start & Anti-sticking
    Automatically increase the output current at the start of welding, making it easy to form an electric arc.
    It will decrease the welding power source if the electrode sticks to the work pieces during welding-thus preventing overloading the machine and easing remove the electrode
    ● Lift TIG with VRD
    It is a TIG function in our arc welding machines, when touch the tungsten to the work pieces, the lift electric arc.
    This prevents the tungsten electrode from being contaminated with steel or other materials while hot.
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