Miller 907710 Maxstar 161 STL TIG/Stick Welder, Standard Package

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  • Welder Industrial Class Light Welding Processes Stick TIG Mild Steel - Material Thickness 0.020 in to 3/16 In. Aluminum - Material Thickness Thin Gauge to 3/16 In. Welder Input Phase 1 Input Voltage 120 to 240VAC Welder Max Output Amps 160 Welder Min Output Amps 5 Welder Duty Cycle 60 Percent Power Source Weight 13 lb. Polarity DC Series Maxstar 161 STL Welded Material Mild Steel Stainless Steel Rated Output 130A @ 15.2V Input (Amps) 15 Welder Input Hz 50/60
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