Goplus CUT-50 Electric Digital Plasma Cutter Inverter 50AMP 110-220V Dual Voltage Welder Cutting with Free Mask (Black)

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  • 【Inverter Technical】By adopting inverter technical of switch power, it greatly reduces the dimensions and weight of main transformer, as well as the efficiency is increased by 30%.
  • 【Dual Voltage】The ability of the dual voltage allows the plasma cutter to operate at 110V or 220V, with a power of 60HZ.
  • 【Portable Handle】The plasma cutter is equipped with a portable handle, which can easily bring to wherever you need it with the handle.
  • 【Special Function】The plasma cutter has the function to supply gas ahead and turn off gas delayed.
  • 【Application Environment】The plasma cutter can be used in an outside temperature of -10 degrees to +40 degrees, with the maximum humidity reaching 80%.
  • This Is Our Brand New And Professional Plasma Cutter, Which Is Widely Used For Cutting Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper And Other Color Metal Materials. It Is Made By The Most Advanced Invert Technology And Has The Function That It Can Supply Gas Ahead And Turn Off Gas Delayed. This Cutting Machine Has These Characteristics: Stabilizing, Reliability, Lightness, Save-Energy, No Noise, High Cutting Speed, Cutting Smoothly And No Polish Demands. Don't Hesitate To Buy It Now!

    Model: CUT-50
    Power Voltage(V): 110/220
    No-Load Voltage(V): 240
    Rate Output Current(A): 20-50
    Rate Output Voltage(V): 96
    Pilot Arc Model: HF Oscillating
    Burner Inter Diameter(Mm): 1.0
    Pressure Of Air Compressor:4-5kg/ 8.8-11Lbs
    Thickness: 1-12mm
    Applicable To The Environment: Outside Temperature Between- 10 And +40 Degrees, Dampness Level Of Max 80%

    The Cutting Machine Has Characteristics As Following:
    1. Stabilizing
    2. Reliability
    3. Lightness
    4. Save-Energy And No Noise
    5. High Cutting Speed
    6. Cutting Smoothly And No Polish Demands
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