Waylander Premium Welding Blanket 6' x 6' 1400°F Heavy Duty Vermiculite Impregnated Fiberglass with Brass Grommets

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  • 100% FLAME RETARDANT - These welding blankets are the most reliable protection against heat, sparks and splatter for vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • PREMIUM PROTECTION - Specially treated fiberglass makes the blankets heat resistant until 1400°F / 750°C. For heavy duty welding or cutting, or as personal and material protection.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY - Made of vermiculite impregnated fiberglass, makes it skin friendly while keeping the heat resistant features: minimum skin irritation and stress, unlike other welding blankets!
  • SUPER STRONG & USER FRIENDLY EDITION - Reinforced solid hem with 12 heavy duty brass grommets for secure and easy hanging. Lightweight (5.5 lbs/2.2 kg) but very solid blanket for convenient and safe handling.
  • Dimensions: 6' x 6' / 183 cm x 183 cm. Thickness: 0.03" / 0.75 mm.
  • "Highly Recommended For Every Heavy Duty Worker!"

    For Heavy Duty Use & Heat Protection
    This Waylander VE21 is a vermiculite impregnated fiberglass welding blanket which should be owned by any welder, plumber, mechanic and other heavy duty workers.
    This welding blanket forms an excellent protection against welding or grinding sparks and splatter.

    Other uses for welding blanket: smoker, bbq, fire pit, welding curtain, heat protection, ...

    For personal and material protection, both vertically as horizontally.

    Premium Material
    Waylander welding blankets are made of premium fiberglass woven fabrics and are standard treated on both sides.
    All blankets are hemmed with KEVLAR (3 ply) and 100% asbestos-free.

    Designed For Your Daily Protection
    This Waylander VE21 welding blanket comes with the following features:
    • Heat resistant until 1400°F / 750°C
    • Dimensions: 6' x 6' / 183 cm x 183 cm
    • Thickness: 0.03" / 0.75 mm
    • Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
    • Reinforced hem with 12 strong grommets
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