Amico Power - DC Inverter Welder - 110/230V Dual Voltage IGBT Welding Machine - 160 AMP Stick Arc

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  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Inverter welders switch AC power to DC then incorporate a stepdown transformer to produce the proper voltage and current
  • SLEEK AND COMPACT - Small, lightweight, compact, and portable compared to large bulky conventional welding machines
  • VERSITILE POWER - 115V / 230V / 60Hz Input current at rated output 20 Amp 160 Amp / 23V / 60% Duty Cycle / ETL Listed
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - Electrode holder and 10 ft. cable, Work clamp and 10 ft. cable, Input power adapter cable & plug
  • CONVENIENT - Inverters have the ability to be plugged into a 110V wall socket with household current instead of high voltage
  • The MMA Stick welder package comes ready to weld; simply add the welding electrodes. It offers infinite amperage control with an LED meter so you can set the machine to your required settings. All machines are tested in the USA.

    Comes Standard With:

      DC Welder

      Electrode holder and 10ft cable

      Work clamp and 10ft cable

      Input power adapter cable & plug

    Quick Facts:
      Process: Stick (SMAW

      Light Metal Fabrication

      Maintenance and Repair

      Farm and Home

      Light Industrial

    Input Power:
      115V/230V/60Hz, Input current at rated output 20Amp
    Output Range:
      DC: 5-160A 115V/230V
    Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle:
      160Amp/23V/60% Duty Cycle / ETL Listed
      18 lbs. 12.5 x 9 x 22 inch
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