NAC INDUSTRIAL Heat, Fire & Flame Barrier, Heat Resistant Welding Blanket BURN MAT – Kelvar Fabric Heat Shield (BRONZE)

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  • Professional grade Fire, Flame and Heat Resistant Welding Mat
  • Double skinned, Kevlar fabric to ensure high performance
  • Suitable for multiple welding, brazing and soldering applications
  • Abrasion resistant to minimise marking on surfaces
  • No Asbestos, temperature resistant to 1000C / 1832F
  • Professional grade Fire, Flame and Heat Resistant Welding Mat by NAC Industrial has been designed specifically with high performance and safety in mind. BURN MAT BRONZE features a double skinned, Kevlar stitched design and made from high performance fabrics used in the Petrochemical Industries it won't let you down. These fabrics are non marking and engineered to enable the coating to repair itself during use reducing the risk of loss of performance and failure. Temperature resistant to 1000C / 1832F they are also independently tested to BS476 PART 20 and PART 4 and CLASS "0" BUILDING REGULATIONS 2000 "Fire safety" COMPLIANT. NAC Industrial Burn Mats are all about quality, safety and performance, no compromise. BURN MAT BRONZE IS DESIGNED AS YOUR INSURANCE POLICY.
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