SUPER DEAL DC Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding Machine With Screen Display Dual Voltage 110/220V AC 1/2'' Clean Cut (CUT 50)

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  • 【Superior performance】SUPER DEAL plasma cutter features PRO technology, more stable performance. High duty cycle result in less power consumption. More economical and effcient than the traditional cutting machine due to the high speed, high temperature and high energy plasma draught.
  • 【Exquisite workmanship】 Made of heavy duty iron. Its solid material construction makes it reliable and gives it strength that can be used for a long time. It not only can be used in businesses and DIY users, but also fully accommodating the demands of professional operators.
  • 【Digital Display】DC output Digital LCD Display, Easy Read Front Panel Air-Pressure Guage, save energy and no noise, High cutting speed, Cutting smoothly and no polish demands.
  • 【Considerable & Safe design】Built-in over-heat protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection and over heat protection and lack of compressed air pressure protection. Comes with wire and mask, which can prevent you from hurting while using.
  • 【Wide range of applications】Suitable for a wide range of applications including sheet metal fabrication, light industrial use, site work, automotive, ducting work, repair and maintenance services. The cutting machine not only use in businesses and DIY users but also fully accommodating the demands of professional operators.
  • ★★ Check this video: ★★ 

    Make short work of your metal cuts with a high-quality plasma cutter from SUPER DEAL.
    This plasma cutter has a pilot arc-striking system that allows easy starts and get a clean cut every time without dross or slag. It's like a hot knife through butter. This 240 volt plasma cutter also has a convenient digital display.
    Like all of our tools, our plasma cutters are engineered to provide reliable performance for the home or shop and priced to save you money.

    Continuous current regulation, high cutting speed and smooth cutting surface makes your work more efficiently.
    Easy to use and to operate at affordable prices.
    Good heat dissipation and long service life.
    It has a screen display that you can view the data clearly.
    Environmental protecting and low energy consumption.
    Perfect for the processing of metal materials machinery.

    Package Included:
    1pc x cutting torch LG-40 
    1pc x earth clamp 
    1pc x AIR Regulator 
    2pcs x Plasma Tip 
    1pcs x PG Head 
    2pcs x gas pipe clasper 
    2pcs x hoop 
    1pc x English Manual 
    Chipping Hammer/ Wire Brush 
    Welding Face Mask 
    1pc x Pressure reducing valve 
    1pc x Goggles

    Color: yellow
    Weight: 10kg
    Duty cycle:60%
    Efficiency: 85%
    Load loss: 40W
    Power factor: 0.93
    Air pressure: 0.4Pa
    Protection class: IP21
    Rated input current: 24 A
    Power supply voltage :110V/60Hz
    Power supply capacity: 5.5KVA
    Arc striking model: Touch
    Current range: 20-50A
    Packing dimensions(cm):49*40*28
    Max cutting thickness:1-12mm

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