YIYATOO Welding Blanket| 4' X 6' Fire Flame Retardent Fiberglass Safety Shield Grommets

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  • Extinguishes fire by suffocating it; extinguishes both liquid and grease fires
  • Provides thermal protection from sparks and splatter
  • 180z. Heat-treated flame retardant fiberglass
  • Ideal for the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping
  • Can also be used to wrap around your body and act as a heat shield

  • ★Welding blankets are a must have piece of safety equipment if you are doing any type of welding. It can be useful to protect your welding area as well as your equipment.
    ★Add a layer of safety and peace of mind to your home during the holidays. When things get out of control while cooking, the Fire blanket is there to extinguish any small fire. Easy to use with no training required. Simply pull down the tabs, remove the blanket from the hanging pouch and calmly place over the cooking fire to smother the flames. A recent study by FEMA concluded 31% of home structure fires involved cooking equipment. Extinguishes fire by suffocating it. Extinguishes both liquid and grease fire. ".
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