Allegro Industries 9450 Portable Fume Extractor with Main Filter and Pleated Pre-Filter

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  • Comes with main filter (95% efficiency) and Pleated Pre-Filter
  • Both UL Listed and CSA approval pending
  • 2 speed and filter status lights
  • Built in spark trap for fire safety
  • 10 foot durable extraction hose with flexible steel tube and 10" nozzle
  • The most versatile portable extractor available, with high and low extraction capability for MIG, TIG and soldering work. Designed for field work, maintenance, and production welding, this unit is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It can be equipped with a wide array of pre-filters and main filters for a variety of work, including HEPA filtration to capture and control Hexavalent Chromium. It comes equipped with a 10-foot durable extraction hose with flexible steel tube hood assembly, magnetic support base that allows for hands free operation, filter change status LED light and a build-in spark trap for fire safety. Both UL Listed and CSA approval are pending. Made in the USA.

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