SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter Inverter DC Digital Display IGBT Portable With Accessories Welding Machine Inverter Cutting 50Amp 110V and 220V

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  • 1.IGBT soft-switch technology, more stable performance. High duty cycle result in less power consumption. More economical and effcient than the traditional cutting machine due to the high speed, high temperature and high energy plasma draught
  • 2.IGBT inverter soft switch, DC output Digital LCD Display, Easy Read Front Panel Air-Pressure Guage, save energy and no noise, High cutting speed, Cutting smoothly and no polish demands
  • 3. Adjustable cutting current to satisfy the cutting demands based on different kinds of material and thickness of working plate
  • 4.Built-in over-heat protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection and over heat protection and lack of compressed air pressure protection
  • 5.Suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel, copper, and aluminum etc. Widely used
  • PLS NOTE:New update item ! 110v and 220v dual voltage, with 1 plug for USA 220v and 1 plug for USA 110v .

    Our Cut50 is IGBT tech, not MOSFET. IGBT machine is far superior and more stable than MOSFET machine. The MOSFET Cut50 can only cut max 12mm, but our IGBT machine can cut max 15mm.

    IGBT tech is is more superior than MOSFT tech in the following aspects:
    Peak current capabilities, forward resistance and temperature drift, switching speeds and response time, logic level switching and isolation, gate capacitance oscillation, cost, effectiveness at higher voltages, heat dissipation requirements

    IGBT inverter soft switch, DC output
    Digital LCD display, easy read front panel air-pressure guage
    Max cutting thickness is 15mm, Suitable for cutting Stainless steel,copper, iron and aluminum metal etc.
    Over current and air pressure light indicators keep you updated on your units operating condition.
    Save energy and no noise, high cutting speed, cutting smoothly and no polish demands
    Strong interference resistance, stable cutting current and steady,Continuous current regulation, waterproof,shield from electric shock

    Model: CUT-50
    Power supply voltage:AC 110±15%/AC 220±15%
    Power frequency: 50-60Hz
    Power supply capacity: 6.4 kVA
    Rated input current: 27 A
    No-load voltage: 210 V
    Output current range: 10-50A
    Output voltage: 100V
    Duty cycle: 60%
    Max Cutting Thickness: 0-15mm
    Efficiency: 85%
    Cosφ (η): 0.93
    Input Air Pressure:<0.3MPA
    Insulation grade: F
    Protection grade: IP 21 S
    Net Weight: 29lbs
    Dimensions (inch): 19''*10''*16''

    Packing List:
    1 x Cut50 IGBT machine with Digital Display & Built in Pressure Gauge
    1 x air regulator
    1 x gas hose
    1 x hose clamp
    2 x nozzle
    2m x ground clamp
    4m x plasma cutting torch
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