No-Touch Arc Strikes Arc Pig HF Inline Starter/Stabilizer

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  • Adds HF ignition to any TIG or stick welder up to 60Hz
  • Pushbutton strikes eliminate scratch starts and tungsten contamination.
  • No-touch ignition tames hot starts
  • No wall plug. Draws 30 watts from your weld cables.
  • Add shield gas to use your AC welder for aluminum TIG
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    The Arc Pig has been on the market four years, and no Arc Pig warranty claim has ever been denied for any reason.

    Arc Pig is the ultimate welder's indulgence.

    Add an Arc Pig to your stick or TIG welder to eliminate scratch starts and maintain your arc, even with 60 HZ AC TIG. The Arc Pig provides no-touch ignition and continuous-fire HF.

    The Arc Pig does not control heat, so for long TIG beads on aluminum, you may need to preheat the workpiece, or clamp it to a heat sink.

    To operate, place electrode in weld position and press the trigger. The Pig will establish a pilot arc, and with most welders your main arc will ignite instantly. Otherwise move the electrode in slowly until the arc ignites.

    HF sparks feel like static electricity. If you grip them firmly you cannot feel them, but if they jump through the air to your skin they are annoying.

    The Pig wires into your weld cables (no wall plug) and is designed to be dragged and dangled. Or you can strap it down with long tie-wraps.

    8-ft trigger included, or make your own (up to 25 Ft.)

    Your first installation should take half an hour. Your tenth will take five minutes.

    The Arc Pig is transferable between welders, and requires no wall plug. It draws its power from your weld cables.

    Maximum current is 250 A at 60% duty, 200 A at 100% duty.

    The Arc Pig works with any TIG or stick welder, AC or DC, EN or EP, up to 60Hz.

    The Arc Pig is particularly effective for sheet metal, since arc maintenance is more difficult with low power.

    For TIG, the Arc Pig eliminates tungsten contamination, tames hot starts, and lets you weld aluminum with any 60-Hz AC buzz box or truck welder.
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