Tillman 25BL Leather Cuff Split Deerskin Kevlar Sewn Tig Gloves

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  • Lightweight supple pearl skin deerskin split leather welding glove, Kevlar stitched - added strength
  • Extended 4" cuff to keep sparks and welding spatter from going between your glove and welding jacket
  • High dexterity mig/tig unlined welding gloves
  • Flame resistant (not flameproof)
  • Til25bl features: Price is for one pair -minimum order of 1. Lightweight pearl deerskin split leather enhances dexterity. 4 cuff for added protection, straight thumb, lock stitched with Kevlar thread for added strength. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Leather 4'' cuff size large. UNSPC code: 46181504. Glove size: Large. Mig/tig gloves mig/tig welder welding welders gloves mig glove tig. Glove tig welder deerskin split.
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